What does it take
to let go?


For the Kahuna, the shamans of Hawaii, Lomi Lomi Nui was a healing art and an initiation ritus.

Several days of massage by four hands, accompanied by singers and drummers made the receiver ready to enter a new phase of life: adultuhood, marriage, becoming a leader of the clan or death.

IKE - There are no limits, we are all one.

3th principle of the huna, the tenets of Ancient Hawaii


Since I experienced what Lomi Lomi Nui can do, I want everybody in the world to feel it, and I started to learn.

From deep relaxation through emotional release to profound healing and initiation of the rest of your life – you never know where the process leads you. 

10 Days


E O Mai – May the ancestors grant us their wisdom to guide the work we are about to do. 

This is the beginning of every Hawaiian Ceremonial Massage.

$ 3,500

7 Days

Time and dedication

You should plan three hours for the massage ceremony.  


$ 165 or equivalent Colones

5 Days

The Temple

The Lomi style I practice is called Temple Style and was passed down by Kahu Abrahams Kawai’i.

I practice in the Temple of Nemetona Sacred Space in Punta Uva. The magic of this space, surrounded by wildlife, contributes to the body work.

10 Days

What receivers say



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