the power to define children

What names and attributes do we use to shape our children?


“… until one morning the young Bella, her house guest, is found murdered. Police, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues – they all suspect Ashby. Even his wife. What happens to a person who is wrongly suspected of murder? ”(Teaser text for“ Bella’s death ”by Georges Simenon)“ Now a cruel process begins in which Ashby, fixated on the thought, assumes himself to be the murderer become increasingly involved in behavior that confirms the suspicions. ”(Jürg Willi in“ The Art of Growing Together ”)

We will dig into the depths of the dynamics of this kind of social phenomenons in the seminar, learn about their outstanding importance for early childhood education. We reflect on our personal experience and work out the consequences of LABELING THEORY for working in a day care center.

Key questions

How does it feel to be marked by its environment with a “label”?

Why do we inevitably confirm by our behavior what we are held for by our environment?

To what extent am I a passive or active part of labeling processes, both in a private and professional context?

How can I use the findings of the LABELING THEORY for the benefit of the children?