Only one childhood per person

And if that goes well, chances for a life unfolding the child’s potential for her environment are quite good. For some children, the “good” in childhood consists mainly in the kindergarten, where they often spend more time than with their parents. That is why a cordial relationship between educators and children is a key. When it doesn’t feel lovable at all, to understand compassionately can make a child opened up, to themselves, to their friends and to the adults.

Nur eine Kindheit pro Person

Fail – it can’t be done without

… says Klaus Zierer, Professor of Pedagogy. That’s why it’s so essential for educators to see failure as challenge and motivation, to deeply engage in situations and always try new ways.

Das Scheitern liegt im Kern des Pädagogischen

Letting her fell her Feeling

The goal is not for the child to stop crying, but for him to be comforted – a big difference. What is consolation? First of all, feeling understood. Thus it’s not about the child feeling better, it’s about me compassionately feeling like the child’s feelings. 100 per cent empathy.

Dich deine Gefühle fühlen lassen

Social pedagogy is impossible

… that’s how it seems sometimes. Because once you take social pedagogical finding an absolute truth, it loses its truthfulness. For example, one cannot say “children need borders” and proclaim this as absolute truth. Because the phrase “children need freedom” must make for resistance. Social pedagogical knowledge consists in the debate, in the admission to situations. And this can only be generalized to a limited extent and transferred to other situations. That is why pedagogical guides are often easy to read, but in practice they cannot take it away from the sometimes contradictory arguments to make the right decision for the specific situation.

Study Self

Self-knowledge, the basis of personality development. And thus also the foundation for building sustainable relationships. For educators, therefore, it is at the same time the task of life and professionalization to understand oneself more and more. How? Through exchange with other educators as well as trusting in the team.

Being ready for what desires to become part of your reality

Wenn wir bekommen, was wir brauchen, aber nicht, was wir wollen, liegt das manchmal an zu geringer Bereitschaft und Offenheit für das, was das Leben für uns bereithält. Das kann man als bedrohlich empfinden, jedoch auch als eine wunderbare Dynamik, die unsere Persönlichkeitsentwicklung antreibt. Erzieherinnen und Erzieher erkennen, was sich im Leben der Kinder ereignen will und unterstützen sie darin, bereit für die nächste Etappe zu sein.

Was zählt ist wer du bist, nicht was du sagst

Modell-Lernen ist für Kinder im Kita-Alter die wichtigste Art zu lernen. Albert Bandura erkannte, dass die meisten menschlichen Verhaltensweisen durch Beobachtung und Nachahmung von Vorbildern erlernt werden. Von welche Vorbildern habe ich gelernt? Mit welchen meiner Verhaltensweisen möchte ich den Kindern, die ich begleite, ein Modell sein?