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Relevant to practice

Educating is craftsmanship, not a sport of thought. At educational horizons is about improving your pedagogical practice.


At educational horizons we look beyond the confines of pedagogy into its exciting neighbouring disciplines:
psychology, philosophy, sociology and neuroscience


Endure contradictions, question the established, get to the bottom of problems. At educational horizons we do not iron out issues or simplify them excessively.

Presence seminars

Personal encounter only lets the acquired knowledge enter into your active repertoire of actions.

Through discussion, reflection and role-playing, ateducational horizons we transform understanding to feeling and the knowledge to experience.

Eindrücke nach dem Seminar

Today’s seminar day helped me to see things from a different angle. For example, to recognize and understand Double Bind, because I see this kind of relationship in the workplace.

Anonymous, Düsseldorf

The work in the seminary is quite personal. But I realized that it is very important for me as an educator to deal with myself.

Jens Brailer, Berlin

I’m not an educator, but the “Labeling Theory” seminar opened my eyes to how I constantly influence my son. Even with things that I don’t utter, I’m already initiating it one way or the other. Now I have become even more aware of these things and the importance of my communication.

Zara Zuñiga, San José

INDIVIDUAL SEMINAR - Your topic, your ideas

Of course, I cannot give seminars on all pedagogical topics of adequate quality. Be inspired by the other seminar topics, or browse the blog. I can certainly deliver on these and related topics… more

DOUBLE BIND - tricky communication

Role-play: Daughter joyfully embraces the father. The latter asks: “Why don’t you love me any more?” Daughter has no idea what is going on. I In this seminar, we first work out what a classic double bind is, and then explore it… more

LABELING THEORY - the power to define children

“… until one morning the young Bella, her house guest, is found murdered. Police, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues – they all suspect Ashby. […] What happens to a person who is wrongly suspected of murder… more

COLLUSIONS in the educational relationship

First, in this seminar, we highlight the concept of collusion and make it tangible for ourselves with self-experienced or observed examples. Then we transfer the phenomenon to working with children and young people… more

ATTENTION AND YOGA for educators

First, for you. Secondly, for the children. Resting in yourself is perhaps one of the outstanding qualities of a good educator. Mindfulness helps. And a kid? So far, it has been completely underestimated how well children can perceive their own mental states and processes… more

MEDIA EXPERIENCE - we know almost nothing

How does 3 hours of daily social media consumption of a child affect his or her mental state as a 40-year-old? We don’t know – Facebook & Co. doesn’t exist long enough for corresponding long-term studies. But in education… more

Online seminars

Personal encounter is central to the training of educators. Our online courses cannot offer that. Everything else already.

Soon the online seminars of educational horizons will be online. Register now in the newsletter and – when the time comes, get a course for free.

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Fractal Black All

Quantum mechanics and education

For me, what quantum mechanics has found out about the laws of the microcosm is only partially tangible. Especially this: that a particle can be at different positions at the same time (superposition). It loses this potential of being in multiple places at the same...
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Only one childhood per person

And if that goes well, chances for a life unfolding the child's potential for her environment are quite good. For some children, the "good" in childhood is mainly in daycare, where they often spend more time than with their parents. That is why a cordial...
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Know thyself

Self-knowledge, the basis of personal development. And with it the cornerstone for building sustainable relationships. For educators it is both a life's work and professionalization to understand themselves more and more. How? Through exchanges with other educators...
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Letting You Feel Your Feelings

The goal is not for the child to stop crying, but to be comforted – a big difference. What is comfort – first of all feeling understood. Thus it's not about the child feeling better, it's about me compassionately feeling like the child's feelings....
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Social pedagogy is impossible

…that´s what it looks like at times. Because once you take social pedagogical finding an absolute truth, it loses its truthfulness. Thus, one cannot say: "Children need limits" an claim this to be the absolute truth. The sentence "Children need...
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Being ready for what wants to happen to you

When we get what we need, but not what we want, it is sometimes due to insufficient willingness and openness to what life has in store for us. This can be perceived as threatening, but also as a wonderful dynamic that drives our personal development....

What counts is who you are, not what you say

Model learning is the most important way of learning for children of kindergarten age. Albert Bandura realized that most human behaviors are learned through observation and imitation of role models. What role models did I learn from? Which of my...
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Failing – we can`t do without

…says Klaus Zierer, professor for educational sciences. That's why it's so essential for educators to see failure as challenge and motivation, to deeply engage in situations and always try new ways.

Dschuang Dsi – let instead of making

"I know that the world should be allowed to live and be allowed to live. [...] Therefore, it is inadequate to want to lift the world by rewarding the good, and it is impossible to lift the world by punishing the wicked. The world is so big that you can't get it...

Social and environmental responsibility

The essential task of pedagogy today is to give the growing generation responsibility for their social and ecological environment. But in order to take responsibility, you have to know the context of what you should take responsibility for. But in such a complex and...

Fascinating education

“Educators deserve all support …

… because with the upbringing of the new generation it will be decided whether we can find viable solutions to the social, ecological and economic challenges. “

Daniel Päuser, seminar leader